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4 steps to choosing the best hoof boots for your horse

Updated: Jan 6

When it comes to barefoot horses and hoof boots, you might feel a bit overwhelmed with all the different options out there. In this post we give you four key pointers that are worth considering before you purchase hoof boots, to help you find the best hoof boots for your horse or pony.


1. What is your horse’s hoof condition?

Barefoot hoof sole view healthy horse hoof

Before you even start to shop around for hoof boots, it’s important to carry out a thorough examination of your horse’s hooves, to understand what condition they are in, and to see if there are any pathologies (such as flares, long toes or underrun heels) in the hooves. The better you, as the owner, understand what is going on with your horse’s hooves, the easier it will be for you to select hoof boots that provide the exact help that your horse needs, in order to develop stronger, healthier hooves.


Many common pathologies, as mentioned above, affect the way hoof boots will fit the hooves, and how well they will stay on. So having this knowledge will be useful when you start your search for the best hoof boots for your horse.



2. What size AND SHAPE hooves does your horse or pony have?

The hoof size – both with and length – of course affects your choice of hoof boots. But equally important is the shape of the hooves; hooves with excessively long toes, or club feet, are considerably harder to fit boots on, than hooves that are close to their anatomically correct shape. Not all hoof boot brands fit all hooves, and that’s one of the reasons why we have two different shape Flex Boots available: the standard boots fit oval hooves, whilst the wide version fits naturally round hooves that also tend to be a bit more upright.


Taking hoof photos is an effective way to determine the hoof shape and also to spot many pathologies. We have this blog post that shows you how to take accurate hoof photos, so check it out!


3. What are the best hoof boots for your horse?

Knowing what your horse’s requirements are in regards to hoof protection will help you choose the best hoof boots for them. Do you need hoof boots for thin soles? Or perhaps you need better shock absorption for riding on hard ground? Are you looking for hoof boots for turnout only, or for riding only?


Analysing your horse’s hoof boots needs may help you rule out certain products – or will help you select the ones that you feel are going to help your horse the most!

Girl riding white barefoot pony with pink Flex Hoof Boots on


4. What are the best hoof boots for you?


It’s definitely worth also thinking about how easy the boots are for you to use; to put them on, take them off, clean them, and so on. Every boot has a different design, some are easier to use than others. For example, our Flex Boots are super easy to use: they only have two straps to fasten the boot, the material is soft and lightweight, and cleaning them only requires water. None of the boot materials absorb water, so the boots dry quickly too.

Hands putting Flex Hoof Boots with red neoprene gaiter on a barefoot horse


In summary, finding the best hoof boots for your horse requires some careful consideration regarding the hoof condition, boot usage, the horse’s requirements and also how easy the boots are for the owner to use and handle. If you’re interested in finding out more about Flex Boots, please browse our website and visit our YouTube channel.


We also offer free sizing and fitting advice, simply email us photos and measurement of your horse’s hooves to – we look forward to hearing from you!

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