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Flex Boot sizing and fitting advice

If you're thinking of purchasing Flex Boots but aren't quite sure of the correct size for your horse or pony, or want to make sure that you get the fit just right, we are here to help! This blog post guides you through the key steps to take, so that we can provide you the most useful advice.

All information should be emailed to us at We reply to emails within 2-3 working days.

First time purchaser? Accurate photos and measurements are vital if you want Flex Hoof Boot sizing and fitting advice.

If having a hoof boot fitter come to you in-person isn't an option, then getting sizing and fitting advice online is the next best option. In order for us to provide fit and size advice, or do any meaningful problem solving, we need very clear and correctly taken photos of the hooves. If we receive blurry or inaccurate photos, we kindly ask for you to take the photos again; in order to save your time and give you the advice you need as quickly as possible, please follow all the instructions below.

For sizing advice before purchasing Flex Boots, please send photos of freshly trimmed hooves and the hoof length and width measurements.

#1 - clean hooves

When measuring the hooves or taking photos of them, the hooves must be completely clean. Don't just clean them with a hoof pick; use a wire brush to remove all dirt, or wash the hooves thoroughly to get them clean - this way you can see a lot more detail in the hoof, and we can therefore give you more accurate advice.

#2 - accurate photos

We need to have photos of each hoof that you want to purchase a boot for, and for each hoof, we need to see four different photo angles: sole view, sole oblique view, side view and front view. It's really important that the photos are taken on a hard surface and with good lighting so that the hooves can be seen clearly. Details of how to take really good hoof photos are in this blog post.

#3 - hoof measurements

Use a metal ruler, not a flexible tape measure. Measurements need to be taken a day or two after a fresh trim. Remember that Flex Boots require a regular maintenance trim every 7-10 days, to keep the hooves in their ideal shape and size - this is what's best for the horse's hoof health. If your horse is on a longer trim cycle (4 weeks or longer), the hoof shape, size and balance will change considerably from the start of the cycle to the end, and this will have an effect on the boot fit too.

Measure the length: set zero at the toe, then measure backwards to the end of heels. The red line shows how far back you should measure.

Flex Hoof Boot measuring guide for hoof length

Measure the width: Measure width at the widest part of the hoof, with zero at one edge of the hoof wall. Make sure that the ruler or tape measure is not at an angle but goes straight across the hoof.

Flex Hoof Boot measuring guide for hoof width

Need help checking the boot fit? This is what we need from you.

If you're wondering whether the Flex Boots you have fit your horse correctly, send us some photos and we are happy to help. For fit checks, send us photos of the hooves without boots on, the hoof measurements, and also photos of the hooves with the boots on. Take the booted photos the same way as bare hoof photos, but only take photos of the front view and the side view. If you have issues with the fit at the back of the boot, also send us a photo of the back view. Make sure the photos show clearly all parts of the boot and hoof. Here are examples of good boot photos.

Make sure Flex Boots work well on your horse

Flex Boots are specifically designed so that when a horse's hooves are cared for holistically, the boots also last a long time. This blog post shows you the three key steps to make the most of your Flex Hoof Boots.

FREE education about hoof health

We really want your horse to have the best possible hooves it can, and for you to have the information needed to make this happen. So we are giving you FREE access to our

“Read Your Horse’s Hoof” short course. This short course teaches you to recognise a healthy hoof that has been trimmed anatomically correctly, and also to see when a hoof has problems such as flares, long toes or laminitis. This course has made a huge positive impact on the hoof health of horses all around the world, and now you and your horse can benefit from it too. We can assure you that after completing the course, you will start to look at hooves in a whole new way.

Read more and sign up at and use discount code FC239 to get the course completely free of charge!

Be proactive in improving your horse's hoof health

Possibly the best, most impactful way an owner can create healthier hooves for their horse, is by learning to carry out a small maintenance trim. You can ask your hoof care professional to show you how to do this, or you can purchase our Weekly Maintenance trim online course.

Keeping your horse’s hooves in their ideal shape and size at all times is in the horse’s best interest, and Flex Boots are designed to be used on hooves that are maintained in this way. By committing to improving your horse’s hoof health and spending time with your horse caring for its hooves, hoof care becomes a routine for your horse and as a result your horse will also find the appointments with hoof care professionals more enjoyable.


We hope this blog post has helped you, and look forward to receiving your horse's hoof photos, so that we can advise you regarding the best hoof boot fit!


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