Think green -

Our environmentally friendly approach

The health of the planet Earth is crucial for all of us; there is no planet B where we can escape if we destroy Mother Earth.  So we all need to make environmentally friendly decisions, both in our personal lives and in business.


Plant-based diet

Following a plant-based diet as much as you can is an easy and delicious way to positively influence the health of our planet, its animals and yourself.


Recycling plastic, cardboard, glass, metal, and all the other recyclable waste material is an effective way to take care of the environment.


Flying less and spending more time in the outdoors near where you live has positive effects on your health; it's been scientifically proven that time regularly spent in nature improves health and well-being.

Spend wisely

Think before you buy new items, and only purchase new when it's necessary.

Making a difference through business practices

Classy &


Made in Finland

We have been importing goods from China and other similar countries for years, but at some point, it started to feel frustrating and not very environmentally friendly. Many brands of hoof boots are made in countries with no recycling procedures or environmental protection laws, not to mention proper working conditions for employees.

In 2011 we decided that we want to make a change with real impact and start manufacturing our hoof boots made in Finland. It took years to find reliable partners to make this dream a reality, but eventually we succeeded, and now Flex Boots are made in Finland! In Finland, we have high standards of environmental protection and recycling practices in place, so waste is reduced significantly and this of course is better for the environment. Metal parts for the boots are made in Europe. 

Because we genuinely care about the environment, we recommend that you think before buying a pair of hoof boots. Consider if you really need new boots, and whether you could buy second hand boots that are suitable for your horse.

And if you do decide to buy hoof boots and choose Flex Boots, we think it’s a great decision because all the parts of our boots are individually replaceable. This means that if one part breaks for any reason, you don’t need to buy completely new boots, but can just replace the broken part. And this again reduced waste and is kinder to the environment.

To purchase, contact your nearest retailer, who are happy to help you to select the right size of durable, ecological, comfortable and classy Flex Boots for your horse.