Our wish is for owners to learn how to look after their horse's hooves as a priority and THEN offer protection with the right kind of footwear. 

Only then is the horse able to move comfortably under saddle. 

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."

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Flex Boots come as a complete set of boots, gaiters and straps. You can also purchase parts separately if you need to replace any of the components.

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Our FAQ page answers most commonly asked questions, and our YouTube channel has useful instructional videos about how to use Flex Boots. You can see our warranty information here.



No rubbing

Your horse's comfort is important to us, so we designed boots that do not rub the feet, even if used 24/7.

Support without restriction

Well thought-through design means Flex Boots offer a balanced combination of support and freedom of movement.

Anatomically shaped

Designed by barefoot trimming professionals, Flex Boots are shaped to support a healthy hoof shape.

Easy maintenance

Cleaning the boots is easy, just brush off any loose dirt and then rinse boots in water.



View our YouTube videos below, or visit our FAQ page to get answers to most commonly asked questions regarding Flex Boots.