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"There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going"

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Flex Boot logo product information
Flex Hoof boots holistic hoof care for horse owners

Our wish is for owners to learn how to look after their horse's hooves as a priority and THEN offer protection with the right kind of footwear. Only then is the horse able to move comfortably under saddle.

We educate horse owners regarding good hoof care in our blog, and through our Holistic Hoof Care for Horse Owners online courses and social media channels.

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Holistic hoof care


When you purchase Flex Boots, you get everything you need as one complete set. We designed a boot that’s easy to use and functions extremely well without the need for you to modify the boot or add any extra parts to it.

But at the same time, all Flex Boot parts are replaceable, so if something breaks, you don’t need to buy a completely new boot; you just replace the broken part. This is cheaper for you, and better for the environment - a win win!

Flex Hoof Boot logo product info

Flex Hoof Boot products and accessories

Flex Boot fit and size info

Our Fit & Size page guides you through how to select the correct size Flex Boots, and how to fit them correctly. You can find answers to the most common questions on our FAQ page, and our YouTube channel has lots of instructional videos about how to use Flex Hoof Boots. You can read our warranty information here.

As with anything that we ask our horses to wear, be it a saddle, bridle or hoof boots, the horse must first be desensitised to the item to make sure that it does not panic if the tack item comes loose. Please make sure that your horse is comfortable with things around their legs before using Flex Boots. If you do not know how to desensitise your horse to this, please seek the help of a professional horse trainer.

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The Flex Boot sole design is completely unique and patented (U.S. Design Patent No. D974674). The outside provides excellent traction, and the inside of the sole acts like an air cushion, providing superior shock absorption on all surfaces. At the same time, the sole gives and moulds to the hoof and ground so that your horse has excellent proprioception on every step it takes.

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Flex Boots Sweden testimonial

Ida from Sweden says:

I used metal shoes on my horses earlier, but I made the choice to switch to barefoot and now I have used Flex Boots for 1.5 years. I was incredibly sceptical of boots before because I thought many models were too clumsy. But Flex fits well, is well-shaped, easy to put on and take off, and easy to use in the winter and snow too. Both me and the horses are super happy with the boots and will continue to use them in the future as well!

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Flex hoof boots product information

Innovative hoof boots


Hoof boots made in Finland Flex Hoof Boots
Flex Hoof Boots comfortable no rubbing

Hoof boots that do not rub

Your horse's comfort is important to us, so we designed boots that do not rub the feet, even if used 24/7. You don’t need to purchase any additional protective accessories, the standard Flex Boot comes with everything you need to keep your horse comfortable.

Flex Boots support hooves without restriction

Hoof boots that support without restriction

Flex Boots are carefully designed to make sure they are fit for purpose. This clever design, combined with the high-quality materials means Flex Boots offer a balanced combination of support and freedom of movement.

Flex horse boots are anatomically shaped

Hoof boots that are anatomically shaped

Flex Hoof Boots are designed by barefoot trimming professionals. They are shaped to support a healthy hoof shape, fit the hoof without restriction and offer protection and cushioning where it’s required.

Flex pony horse boots are easy to clean

Hoof boots that are easy to clean and use

Cleaning Flex Boots is easy, after use just brush off any loose dirt and then rinse the boots in water. Thanks to the rivet closure system, the boots are easy to put on and take off, and can handle mud, water and snow without issues.

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Flex Hoof Boots for horses and ponies

View our YouTube videos below, or visit our FAQ page to get answers to most commonly asked questions regarding Flex Boots.