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Custom Flex Boots

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Bespoke hoof boots for horses and ponies

Flex Hoof boots fitting advice

All sized parts of our boots can be swapped for a different size component, resulting in boots that are custom fitted to your horse's hooves.


Well fitting boots that are the right size for your horse will be comfortable for them to wear. Not forgetting that correctly fitted boots last longer and help you make the most of them.

Custom-sized hoof boots are here!

Flex Hoof Boots
Flex Hoof Boots

Standard or custom


Most horses will fit into standard Flex Boots. There are two height adjustments available with the back strap depending on heel bulb conformation, and there’s plenty of adjustment with the back strap closures as well as the pastern strap closure.


Still, occasionally there is a horse whose anatomy requires something different. For example, some horses with odd heel bulbs due to injuries have gone very well in Flex Boots - some in standard size boots, others in custom-built Flex Boots.

In the below video, our fitting and sizing expert Minna demonstrates when a custom boot might be a better option for a horse. If you would like to have sizing or fitting advice for your horse, please see our fit & size page for details of how to contact us.

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With standard Flex Boots, you select the boots by the hoof measurements, and the boots come with standard size TPU gaiter, neoprene gaiter and back straps. These are the size that fit most horses.

But if necessary, the TPU gaiter, neoprene gaiter and back straps can all be changed to larger or smaller sizes, depending on what is best for your horse.

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Build your boot with different size components 

Consider the options


Flex hoof boots for barefoot horses are unique
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Small heel bulbs

One common instance is horses or ponies with small heel bulbs, where the bulbs don’t fill the TPU gaiter enough, and there is a bulge at the back, even after trying the lower back strap setting and possibly a pad in the boot. A good fit for these horses may be achieved by using a size smaller TPU gaiter, neoprene gaiter and/or back strap.

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Large heel bulbs

In the other end of the spectrum are horses and ponies with very large and fleshy heel bulbs. They may require a larger TPU gaiter, neoprene gaiter and/or back strap to make the boots fit well.

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Thin or thick legs

If the horse or pony has unusually thin or thick legs, the back straps and neoprene gaiters can be changed to a smaller or larger size accordingly.

Improve the fit of the boot


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Our fitting instructions document is a good place to start when trying on Flex Boots and to determine a good fit.

Find the solution to


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Smaller TPU gaiter will help...

...if the TPU gaiter bulges at the back, even when the back strap is on the lower setting.

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Larger TPU gaiter will help...

...if the angle of the TPU gaiter on the side of the leg is too low; the pastern strap at the front of the foot is pulling on and tearing the neoprene gaiter loops. If this is happening, first check that the neoprene gaiter is installed high enough by lifting the elastic band

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Smaller TPU gaiter will help...

...if the pastern strap is too long and even with the last holes, it’s not possible to tighten it enough to the get the correct tension.

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Larger TPU gaiter will help...

...if the TPU gaiter is too low at the back, and the back strap is running OVER the heel bulbs instead of above them, even at the higher setting.

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Larger neoprene gaiter will help...

...if the neoprene gaiter doesn’t overlap at the front of the leg. But first check that the elastic band around the TPU gaiter is LIFTED higher – this fixes the issue almost always.

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Larger TPU gaiter will help...

...if the pastern strap at the front of the foot is too short to close at the correct (two fingers) tension or there is not enough excess to be tucked into the neoprene gaiter loop to make it neat.

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Smaller neoprene gaiter will help...

...if the neoprene gaiter is overlapping too much. You can either cut away the excess so there is a neat bit of overlap, or install a smaller sized gaiter.

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Smaller back straps will help...

...if the back straps are too long. Alternatively, you can cut them so that on the inside of the leg, there are no spare holes below the ball rivets. On the outside you can leave one hole so there’s a small tail to pull to open the strap

Flex pony boots barefoot shetland pony

We offer free fitting advice via email to help you determine the best boot size for your horse. For accurate guidance, please email us photos of your horse's hooves.


We will need a front, sole and side view photos, as shown on our fit & size page. Ideally these photos should be taken within a day or two of a trim.

Need help with Flex Boot fitting?

Flex pony boots
Flex Boots custom hoof boots link to fit and size page
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