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Flex Hoof Boots for horses

Flex Boot Products

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"When only the best is good enough for your horse"

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Hoof boots made in Finland Flex Hoof Boots
FlexHorse Boot 120.jpg

This is our main product: the standard black boot, available in 15 sizes that fit equines from miniature ponies to large horses.

Flex Boots are sold individually and come with everything you need to get going: boot shell with rivets, TPU gaiter, neoprene gaiter and a back strap.

You can personalise the boot by selecting your preferred neoprene gaiter and back strap colours - we have lots of colour options to choose from!

Standard Flex Boots

Our latest development are the Flex Boot WIDE, an ideal hoof boot for horses with naturally round hooves.

Same functionality and high quality as the standard boots, but the sole shape is equal width and length.

Same boot parts fit the wide and standard boots, so you can choose any of our neoprene gaiter and back strap options to go with the wide boots too!

Flex Boot WIDE

FlexHorse120 WIDE black gaiter Oblique 1 .jpg

Read more about the differences between the standard and wide Flex Boots in this blog post.

Flex Hoof Boot limited edition pink and turquoise boots.jpeg

We absolutely love colour, so occasionally we make booting even more fun by bringing out a limited edition colour boots.


Limited edition boots are made in all 15 standard sizes that fit equines from miniature ponies to large horses.

These boots are super yummy and help your horse be more visible on the roads.

You can also personalise the boots by selecting your preferred neoprene gaiter and back strap colours!

Limited edition

Flex Boots

Flex Hoof Boot neoprene gaiter colors.jpeg

Every boot comes with a neoprene gaiter as standard, and Flex Boots should never be used without the gaiter. The gaiter is designed to protect the foot from rubs, and to ensure the boot fit the foot properly.

Most retailers allow you to choose the colour of neoprene gaiter when you order boots, but you can also buy neoprene gaiters separately if you want more colour options or need spare gaiters.

Neoprene gaiters

The back straps come in five standard colours; black, blue, red, green and yellow, and also in our limited edition pink colour.

The strap is slotted through the TPU gaiter at the back and attached to the boot shell with ball rivets.

The back strap helps the boot stay on securely.

Back straps

Flex Boot back straps all colors
Flex hoof Boot insole pad red firm
FlexPad yellow soft 1_edited.png

Flex Pads can be purchased separately and help horses that need extra protection and cushioning.


Pads are available in soft (yellow) and firm (red) versions. Both stay in the boots extremely well and mould to the inside of the boot and the horse's sole, to offer great shock absorption and protection on every step.

Flex Pads

Flex boots have a unique FlexStud Base, with pre-drilled holes on the sole that make installing ice studs easy. The studs provide effective grip in winter conditions and can be used in turnout and during exercise.

Ice studs are installed with an application key that is sold separately from the studs.

Ice studs

Flex Boot ice studs 2.jpg
Flex Hoof boot ice stud key_edited.png
FlexBoot TPU gaiter 120.jpg
Flex back strap green XS 2_edited.png
FlexBoot washers - double washers.png

Because we're big on environmental issues here at Flex, we designed the boot so that its parts are replaceable. This way, if a part of the boot breaks, you can simply replace that one part without the need to purchase an entire new boot.


This saves you money, and saves the environment too!

Spare parts

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