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Flex Hoof Boots

Our hoof boots are designed with the horse's welfare as a priority, and with a genuine commitment to environmentally friendly business practices.

We promote a horse-centric, science-based approach to being and doing with your horse; we believe a partnership between a human and a horse should be built on kindness and empathy.


This mentality extends to the use of hoof boots too; Flex Hoof Boots work best when hoof care is viewed as part of holistic horse management, and the owner is actively participating in ensuring their horse's hooves stay in the best possible condition at all times. You can read more about our approach in our blog.

Holistic hoof care education for all horse owners

Holistic hoof care for horse owners cour

The Flex Boot creators, Satu and Jiri Vainikka, are experts in hoof care. They have taught holistic hoof care to horse owners since 2010, and launched their first online hoof care course in 2016. Now, they have teamed up with Minna Sarkkinen, a long-standing hoof care professional based in Australia, to create a new and improved hoof care course for all horse owners. Holistic Hoof Care for Horse Owners is an online course that teaches the fundamentals of good hoof management, aimed at all horse owners with an interest in hooves.


Covering the most important factors affecting hoof health, such as how to manage the horse as a species and its living habitat; hoof anatomy and function; how to use trimming tools; doing a standard hoof trim; and how to offer additional protecting for hooves when it's required, this course will empower all horse owners to take a more hands-on approach when it comes to their horse's hoof health.

Read all about the course here.


Satu Vainikka


Business Director

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Satu runs the business side of Flex Boots, including finances and wholesale accounts management. She is also involved with the Flex product development alongside Jiri.

Satu and Jiri have two horses and three ponies at home, so their free time is spent doing all the typical horse management chores (yes, that includes poo picking!).

Jiri Vainikka


Product Development Director

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Jiri is in charge of the Flex Boot design and product development.


In addition he is the jack-of-all-trades for Flex: he oversees product transport between the factory and warehouse and the operations of the warehouse, ensuring everything runs as it should. As a result, Jiri is always on the go!

Minna Sarkkinen

Customer Service Manager,

Flex Boot Australia Distributor

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Minna is a hoof care professional with over 10 years' experience trimming barefoot horses in Australia.

She handles all Flex Boot fitting enquiries that are emailed to us. Her knowledge of hooves and boot fitting is second to none, so our customers get top quality advice when they contact us.

Kati Loivamaa

Logistics Manager

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Kati been part of the Flex Hoof Boots team since autumn 2020 and is an integral part of the team; she’s in charge of our stock and ensures that all wholesale orders are shipped out accurately and timely to all our retailers.


In addition to her work with Flex Boots, Kati runs a full livery yard of ten horses, and takes care of her own two horses too.

Riikka Kemppainen

Marketing Manager

Riikka Kemppainen flex hoof boots.jpg

Riikka joined the Flex Team in the beginning of 2021, to handle Flex Boot social media accounts and digital marketing aspects.

When she’s not on the computer drumming up social media content, her two young horses and three cats keep her busy!

Flex Hoof Boot Ambassadors

We have some amazing equestrians in our ambassador team! You can read about them here.


We are currently not taking on new ambassadors, but follow our social media to get notified of when new ambassador search launches. 


The journey so far

Flex Boots are designed by a Finnish barefoot trimmer couple Jiri and Satu Vainikka. They have been trimming equine hooves since 2004 and along the way also started to educate horse owners about barefoot trimming, so when the idea to design hoof boots arose, it was obvious that the boots would have to be designed with the horse’s welfare as the most important factor.

The couple first started with a design for small ponies, because at the time if was impossible to find boots to fit their Shetland ponies Pim-Ahti and Poks-Ahti. From there the Flex Boot concept grew, and 2018 saw the launch of Flex Boots for horses. Now, the Flex Boot brand comprises of seven boot size options for ponies and horses, several gaiter and strap colour options for you to personalise your boots with, and a range of pads and accessories to help your horse feel its best when extra hoof protection is needed. And all the products are manufactured in Finland; this in important for Jiri and Satu, because not only is it environmentally better to have them made close to home, this also enables them to keep a close eye on the quality of their products.

Looking back at the journey, Jiri and Satu describe is as wild! Driven by a relentless passion to create hoof boots that are the best in the market, the couple pushed through countless hours, weeks and months perfecting the boot design and functionality. Even when they lost the first factory that was making the boots, they did not stop! As a result of their refusal to give up, the brand has quickly become popular across the world and every day more and more horses – and their owners – fall in love with Flex Hoof Boots.

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