Got questions?

We have extensive information on Flex Boots throughout this website, please click the relevant links to read more about:

Quickest way to get help with selecting and purchasing Flex Boots is by contacting your local retailer.

If you have purchased Flex Boots and have questions or problems with fit, sizing or any product issues that your local retailer can't help you with, please contact our help desk in English on helpdesk@flexhoofboots.com.

Before emailing, please see our Fit & Size page for details of what information you need to provide on your email.

Please note that we may use your photos for educational purposes on our website, blog and social media channels. All client photos will be used anonymously, and we never share any confidential information about you or your horse. If you would prefer us not to use your photos, please notify us of this, and we will be happy to oblige.