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They are easy to put on and take off, and offer great protection for barefoot horses and ponies around the world.

Flex Boots have been designed by highly experienced hoof care professionals whose expertise enabled them to design a hoof boot that offers excellent functionality on all surfaces and in all environments, including during turnout.

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Flex Boots
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boots on the market

Flex Boots are carefully designed with the horse's wellbeing as the top priority. Flex Boots are the first barefoot shoes for horses, functioning in a similar way to human barefoot shoes such as Feelmax and Vibram shoes. They are designed and manufactured in Finland, northern Europe; ethical, environmentally friendly business practices are at the heart of Flex Hoof Boots philosophy.

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Flex Boots are stylish, but more importantly they sit on the horse’s hoof like a second skin. Due to the carefully selected, soft yet durable materials of the boots, they are incredibly comfortable for the horse to wear.

Available in 13 sizes, everyone from small ponies to large horses love wearing Flex Boots, and all boot parts are replaceable.

FlexBoots hoof boots for barefoot horses

Hoof boots that are designed to fit comfortably

Flex Hoof Boots for horses Fit and size

Flex Boots are designed with materials that are hard-wearing and easy to use. All parts that make up the boot design are replaceable and interchangeable. This means that you can build a custom boot to fit your horse or pony in the best possible way. A well-fitting boot is the most comfortable boot, and once you try Flex Boots you will notice the difference in your horse's improved movement!

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Flex Boots are available to purchase from retailers all around the world, from America to Europe and Australia.


Details of your nearest retailer can be found on our Where to buy-page, and our customer service is happy to help you with all fitting and sizing questions.

Flex hoof boots for barefoot horses and ponies

Flex Boots
are available all around the world

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Try Flex Boots now, your horse will feel the difference and you will see it in their improved movement!

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Design and function in one


Flex hoof boots for barefoot horses are unique
Flex hoof boots for barefoot horses and

Best on the market

Flex Hoof Boots are soft yet durable. Our boot material is specifically chosen to offer effective protection without prohibiting hoof function or movement. The softer material allows the horse to feel the ground better, making the horse sure-footed.


Amazing design

Flex Boots are sleek, incredibly easy to put on and take off, lightweight and comfortable for the horse to use without any ‘breaking in’ required. Even when used for 24/7 turnout, they do not rub. They are suitable for all terrain and offer great drainage.

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Our ingenious boot design allows adjustments in the important parts, ensuring that the boots fit your horse’s hooves. Larger or smaller heel bulbs, thin or thick legs, oval or round hooves - Flex Boots can handle it all!

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Made with care

Whole horse wellness has been taken into consideration in the design of Flex Boots. But we go even further: the boots are manufactured in Finland, Scandinavia, to ensure ethical manufacturing and to reduce carbon footprint. Read more about our green values.

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These are the BEST boots I've ever tested! Very light, comfortable for the horse... They don't move when walking, trotting, galloping or jumping! And also... Easy to put on and clean. My horse is happy, and me too!

Léa from France says:

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