Looking for a hoof boot with a great grip and no rub?

We offer comfortable and classy hoof boots with maximum concussion and great grip!

Do we need another hoof boot?

With years of experience trimming horses professionally, educating people with hoof care, using, selling, fitting wide range of hoof boots to hundreds of horses, we wanted something more from the boots so we did our own. Hope you love it as much as we do!

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How to use?

FlexHorse has been made for a people like me who do not like wearing all that stuff on horses before hitting the trails. I want it to be super fast and super easy, but I also want the boot to stay on and be comfortable for a horse to wear. Flex Hoof Boots™ are just that!

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Think green

Well being of the environment and the animals are two things we care the most. We try to make green decisions in our every day lives and we want to make our business to be as green as possible too.

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Our goal is to offer light and sleek hoof boots, comfortable for horse to wear and easy for the owner to use.  
We don’t mind if they look classy too!

We also want to offer a boot that improves the health of your horse’s hooves in every step of the way.

Flex Hoof Boots™
Made in Finland

  • Unique design
  • Affordable and high quality
  • Flexible adjusting system for many shapes of hooves and legs 
  • Durable TPU (Thermo plastic urethane)
  • Easy to put on, easy to take off
  • No velcro, no cables
  • Light
  • Flexible boot all the way to the sole
  • Sole is flexible also through lateral medial way
  • Flexible fitting range
  • Flex Hoof Boots™ will “grow” with the hoof
  • Great drainage
  • Fits many shapes of hooves
  • Wear it like traditional hoof boot or glue on boot
  • Comes in black and red
  • Ready made holes for ice studs
  • Easy maintenance, TPU does not absorb water
  • Comes with soft changeable gaiter
  • Patented

We are constantly developing our website to offer you more information about Flex Hoof Boots™ 
If you have any questions about our boots, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.