The comfortable, softer hoof boot your horse will love to wear.

Innovative hoof boots for barefoot horses

We designed a boot that improves the health of your horse's hooves every step of the way. Flex Boots are light and sleek, they are comfortable for the horse to wear and easy for the owner to use. And with the stylish boot design and choice of gaiter and strap colours, they look great too!

Try Flex Boots now, your horse will feel the difference and you will see it in his improved movement!

Classy &


Made in Finland


Softest on the market

Softer boots are more comfortable and enable the horse to feel the ground better.

Protective gaiters

Our gaiters are designed so that they prevent rubbing and help boots stay on.

Two adjustable straps

The two-strap design allows more fitting adjustments and makes boots more secure.

Holistic approach

For us it's not just about the hooves, but the welfare of the whole horse and the environment too. Read about how we 'think green'.


“Flex Boots are brilliant. They are so well made, and lightweight. I love that all the parts are individually replaceable.”

Flo, UK

“These are the BEST boots I've ever tested! Very light, comfortable for the horse... They don't move when walking, trotting, galloping or jumping! And also... Easy to put on and clean. My horse is happy, and me too!”

Léa, France

“So impressed! Have been riding with boots for almost 20 years and these are the best I tried so far. Perfect slim fit, love that the sole is soft and bends a little bit.”

Ellinor, Sweden

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