Here are some frequently asked questions about FlexHorse boots. If you have another question, please send it to us info@flexhoofbootseurope.com

  • Where I can buy the boots? You can buy the boots directly from our international shop or you can check if you have a dealer near by.
  • How many kilometers does the FlexHorse boots take? Nobody can say how many kilometers the FlexHorse boots take because it depends on how the horse moves (uses its body), how fast the horse is going, how often is the use, etc. We’ve check the wear of the boots after a 100 km use in hard gravel road and we are delighted to say that there is hardly wear at all with our test horses. So durability of the FlexHorse boot is excellent.
  • Can I use FlexHorse boots in rocky roads? Yes you can and your horse will love them. Because of the design, material and the structure of the sole, FlexHorse boots offers to a horse very good concussion and if the horse is sore, you can always add a Flex pad to make him/her to feel even more comfortable. Our boots are softest in the market, and we want horses sole to function as it supposed to. We offer maximum protection with out making the hoof numb.
  • Are FlexHorse boots slippery? No they are not. Actually FlexHorse boots have great grip because of the material and design of the sole. 
  • How much do FlexHorse boots costs? Please visit our international web store  https://www.flexhoofbootseurope.com
  • Do you have boots for shetlandponies? At the moment we have 3 sizes. In the future we are going to make 2 bigger size and after that we focus on small ponies again. If you measure your ponies hooves, then you know is FlexHorse 100 suitable for her/him.
  • Can you by the boots with studs? Boots are sold with out studs. You can buy the studs as an accessories. See the videogallery for instructions of adding studs.
  • Are there problems with snowballing when using hoof boots? No there is not. Because of the shape of the sole of the boot, there is no space where snowballs can collect.
  • Will the back part of the hoof boot (gaiter) rub the horse’s pastern? We have not discovered any rubbing what so ever. FlexHorse boots are very soft all the way and we have also added soft durable and firm gaiter that is very very comfortable against horses leg. When fitted and adjusted properly, boot is wonderful. We are happy to help about measurements and finding the right size.
  • Why is it necessary to tighten the gaiter? If you mean the instruction that when closing the straps, after a few steps you can tighten the straps (?): this is in a case if you see that the straps will get loose after horse starts to move and you have not got straps snug enough. If the strap is too loose, then boot may fall off. Boots will not fall of it they are properly fitted to a hoof with anatomic trim and straps are closed snug.