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Flex Boot Ambassadors

We love spreading the word about holistic hoof care practices around the world. Our passion is to see as many horse owners as possible take a proactive role in their horse's hoof care - simply because this is best for the horse!

Flex Boot Ambassadors share our values and demonstrate them in all their interactions with their equine partners.

New ambassadors are selected roughly every six months. Follow our social media to find out when new ambassador search is on.

Maria and Eća

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I’m a dressage rider and trainer living in the beautiful archipelago in the south of Finland. I feel lucky to be able to provide a natural living for my herd of horses, keeping them barefoot in a loose housing system 24/7 all year around.

I compete in dressage at Intermediate level and hope to do Grand Prix in a few years if all goes well. I believe it’s important to vary the training so I do a lot of work in hand, liberty and trick training with my horses and from time to time I also ride without any tack. We have beautiful nature here that I also enjoy while hacking out with the horses.

Eça is a 12 year old Lusitano gelding who moved to Finland from Portugal when he was 5. He came to my place when he was almost 8 and at that time he was quite locked in his body and moved with very short strides in all gaits.

With patience and hard work he started moving with more ease, using his body in a better way and now we have competed at Prix St George level and plan to do Intermediate this year. He is the sweetest horse with a big heart who always tries his best.

Being very sensitive and hardworking, I noticed that once I started to do liberty training and riding with only a neck rope, our connection has gotten a lot stronger. All horses teach you, but some horses make you humble and teach you more: Eça is one of them. He keeps on amazing me.

I’ve used many different boot brands in the 20 years I’ve had my horses barefoot but have always found them lacking in some way or other. This winter I tried the Flex Hoof Boots for my horses and have been very happy with them. It was great to be able to train the whole winter. I don’t have an indoor arena and the Finnish winters can be very icy and snowy so it was great to have boots that fit the horses, gave them grip and could be used many days in a row without any problems. They are also very user friendly and easy to keep clean.


Jessica, Cody and Apple

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My name is Jessica, I have two equine partners, Appaloosa x TB Cody and a miniature horse Apple.

Both have been barefoot since they arrived with me. We have lots of fun together exploring the Scottish highlands. Cody has just started his Novice competitive year with the Scottish endurance club.

Apple loves to do liberty work, tricks and sometimes joins us free range out on hacks! She’s also very good in harness and with the help of Flex Boots I’m looking forward to doing more driving with her.

We are really excited to be Flex Boot ambassadors and can’t wait to put the boots to use on our tough mountain terrain!

James and Minerva

James Australia flex hoof boots ambassador.jpg

My name is James Philipsen and I live in the Yarra Valley in Melbourne, Australia on 65 acres with my wife, our two cats and 8 horses.

For my 9 to 5 job I’m a flight instructor and on my weekends I help out around home at our busy riding school where we focus on common sense horsemanship and classical riding principles. Noble Shadow Minerva is our 12 year old Friesian x Percheron. She is incredibly sensitive, proud and intelligent. She loves a good snuggle and rolling in the mud.

Minerva and I mostly work on our classical dressage and in hand skills, focusing on our connection, lightness and balance. I have also recently been learning to jump, which has been awesome fun! Minerva loves to jump!

I wanted to become a Flex Boots ambassador because we have transitioned our 8 horses to wearing Flex Boots and have seen a big improvement with all of them. We have found Flex Boots to be a brilliant alternative to conventional shoeing.