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Enjoying Flex Boots all around the world

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We love spreading the word about holistic hoof care practices around the world. Our passion is to see as many horse owners as possible take a proactive role in their horse's hoof care - simply because this is best for the horse! Flex Boot Ambassadors share our values and demonstrate them in all their interactions with their equine partners.

New ambassadors are selected roughly every six months. Follow our social media to find out when a new ambassador search is on.

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We value our ambassadors

Meet the extended Flex family


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I’m Carola Colson - van ‘t Hof, a Dutch horsewoman. From my home I teach people and train horses with a holistic approach - looking at the whole horse to improve range of movement and encouraging development of our horse’s emotional, mental and physical well-being.


Keeping my horses barefoot and my herd living and moving together in a natural environment is at the foundation of what I believe is the recipe of a happier and healthier horse.

Carola and Kaylib
from The Netherlands

A large part of my training takes place ‘beyond the arena’ - building strength, softness and focus out on the trail. With our Flex Boots, I don’t have to worry about rocks , roots and stones and my horse stays sure footed throughout my training.


Kaylib is my absolute heart horse and biggest teacher. He’s 21 years old now and still has amazing softness and strength. He was in physical pain when I met him and he has taken me on a huge journey of learning and growing together. I am incredibly grateful for him crossing my path and for encouraging me to find new ways of being with horses.


Me and my horse Mr Lucky do everything we like. Everything from jumping and dressage to liberty dressage, riding tackless and trick training. We also spend a lot of time out in the woods discovering new trails.


I want to keep my horses as natural as possible. They are all barefoot and live outside every hour of the day in a large paddock with wind protection.

Ida and Mr. Lucky
from Sweden

For me, the relationship with the horse is the most important thing. I want my horses to always be able to trust me. I want them to train and hang out with me because they want to, not because they have to. They are my best friends, and I want them to feel the same way about me.


Before I was an "iron shoe person" and the first reason I started using Flex Boots was because Lucky was so hard to shoe. But now that I have used the boots for some time, I don't regret it for one second. Lucky's hooves have become so nice and his movement has also become better since we started using Flex Boots. The boots are easy to put on and take off and sit smoothly on the hoof without "building on" and becoming clumsy. Both me and Lucky really love Flex Hoof Boots! And now I have realised, we won’t go back to metal shoes ever again.

Into Jaana Finland Flex Boot ambassadors.jpg

Hi, I’m Jaana, I’ve loved horses since I was a child. I do endurance riding with my horses, and I’m lucky to work shifts, which means that I’m able to ride almost every day during daylight hours – which is a luxury in Finnish winters when the days are very short!

I have five horses at home, the latest one being Into, a home-bred, much-awaited and hugely loved colt born last summer (Into means enthusiasm in Finnish). His real name is Shangaroo and he is a Shagya-Arab.

Jaana and Into
from Finland

The plan is that in the future he will be my partner in endurance riding. Since the very beginning, Into has joined his mum and I on trail rides and he quickly learnt to walk in a line with other horses. Into lives in a herd in an open stable system with free access to a large forest paddock. This allows him to live and grow the way that is appropriate for horses as species.

Having been in Into’s life since he was born, and being able to spend hours of my free time with him, means that we already have a strong bond.

The Finnish winters (with several months of snow and ice) can be harsh on barefoot horses. But thanks to Flex Boots with ice studs, Into has been able to join us on our trail rides even in icy conditions, without a fear of slipping. It’s been great to be able to bring him along to the rides, rather than leave him behind when I ride his mum.

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