How to measure your horses hooves?

Before you can decide what size of Flex Hoof Boots™ your horse needs, please take a moment and read these instructions.

Be sure to take the measurement of the hoof not more than 1 or 2 days after a fresh trim.


  • Draw imaginary line from heel to heel. Make sure the heel is trimmed properly and the weight bearing area is in right position.
  • From that line pull another line straight to the toe.
  • Now you can measure the length of the hoof.
  • DO NOT MEASURE BUTTRESS, only the weight bearing area of the hoof wall.


  • Draw another line from the widest part of the hoof across the sole to the other side.
  • This is the width of the hoof.
  • You can use Flex Hoof Boots™ in many different size and shape of hooves.
    If however, the width of the hoof exceeds 10 mm in length, this boot is not perfect for your horse.
  • If the hoof is very narrow and the horse has a habit of twisting s/he’s leg strongly, every boot in the market will twist on this kind of hoof. If you want to use FlexHorse boots in this kind of hooves, you can contact us and we can think together about the solution for your horse. Many times there is a solution.
  • If your horse steps on his front heels with his hind legs during fast speed gallop, we have learned over the years of using and selling many brand of boots that any boot can fall off. FlexHorse boots, when properly fitted, are very sleek so usually they do not fall off in a situation like this. However, when we are talking about the movement of the horse with all the power and force, you just cant be sure. If you think that this is a problem with FlexHorse boots, or your horse is spookey in trails and jumps around and steps on his feet, please consider to use bell boots on FlexHorse boots. It is perfectly normal to cover the legs from hit of the iron shoe, why not cover the boots from the hit of the leg?
  • If you are not sure about the size after measuring the hoof, please contact your dealer for help, or to get the fitting shells to make sure you get the right size.