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Flex neoprene gaiter adjustments

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Although Flex Boots fit many shapes of hooves, there are always some hooves that the fit isn't quite perfect for. However, with some small adjustments you can dramatically improve the fit of Flex Boots on your horse. This blog post shows you how to do those adjustments.

Sometimes neoprene gaiter is too big and doesn't sit nicely around the leg, like in the first photo above where you can see it bunching up at the front. In these photos, the pastern strap is inserted through the first loops of the neoprene gaiter at the front.

The Flex neoprene gaiters have four holes at the front to allow for adjustments that improve the fit.

To make the gaiter fit better, play around with looping the strap through different holes until you find a setting that fits your horse best. Do the same with both sides of the gaiter and strap. 

On this photo the rivet side is still looped through the first holes, so that the tail of the strap can go under the loop on the neoprene gaiter, to keep in in place.

When trying out different hole options for the gaiters and straps, it's important that you can still get the tail of the strap to go under the neoprene loop like this.

As you can see, this is now a very nice fit!

You can also adjust the elastic at the back of the gaiter; moving it higher allows the gaiter to meet in the middle at the front of the leg. And if the gaiter bunches up at the front of the leg slightly, moving the elastic down a abit can help. Alternatively, you can cut the neoprene gaiter shorter from the front.

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