We provide a 90-day defective replacement warranty on the products we manufacture as of the date of purchase. Normal wear for the product is not a warranty matter. Too sudden strong wear is caused by the unbalance movement of the horse, so please be aware of that when you start using the boots. If your horse has unbalance movement (too strong break over, unbalanced top line for some reason) then we recommend to address the problem and take care of it before the use of the boots. Strong pressure in one point of the boot will cause excessive wear for that place. 

The warranty does not cover a product that has been damaged as a result of misuse or intentional damage, for example, when a horse stepped on the product, marks caused by ice studs, boot has been bitten by a horse etc or otherwise damaged, or contrary to our instructions for a used product. Nor does the warranty cover any breakage of the boots due to careless trim and / or excessive trim cycle.

Please read also our instructions of use.

More tips of use in our blog.