Think green

Importance of the environment

The health of the planet Earth is crucial for all of us. There is no planet B where we can escape when we have destroyed Mother Earth.

We all need to make ecological decisions, both in our personal lives and in business.

In our personal lives it is easy and fast to make some changes which really matters:

  • follow as much plant-based diet as you can. It is very easy, super delicious way to influence the health of the planet, animals and yourself
  • recycle: plastic, cardboard, glass, metal and all the other waste material that is recyclable. In Finland, recycling is very easy. It is an effective way to take care of the environment
  • fly less!!! and spend more time in nature nearby. It has been scientifically proven that time spent regularly in nature improves health and well being effectively
  • Think before you buy!!

In the business: We have been importing goods for years fromChina and other similar countries, but at some point, it started to feel frustrating and not so ecological. Many items, like hoof boots, which are ur main products, are made in countries with no recycling system and environmental protection, not to mention proper working conditions for employees.

In 2011 we decided we want to make a change that really matters. We want to make hoof boots in Finland.
It took years to find reliable co-workers, but we made it eventually. 

Flex Hoof Boots are made in Finland!

In Finland we have high standards of environment protection and recycling. Metal parts of the boots are made in Europe. 

We also hope you think before you buy another pair of of hoof boots. When you buy, please take a moment and consider:

  • do I really need new ones yet?
  • could there be used boot available in the market which would be suitable for my horse?

If you still think you really need new ones, we are happy to help you to select right size of durable, ecological, comfortable and classy Flex Hoof Boots.