Team Flex Hoof Boots™

Our story

Flex Hoof Boots have been designed and manufactured by a Finnish company Vainica Oy. The founders of the company are Jiri and Satu Vainikka. This is how they tell about their early stages of manufacturing Flex Hoof Boots :

– We have years of experience in holistic hoof care of horses and using different boots, as well as fitting and selling all brands of boots to our customers. We started importing hoof boots in 2007.

The idea of making our own boots was first launched years ago when the market had not yet boots for small ponies available. We wanted to do something about it, after all, there were two small furry friends in our own paddock who needed boots. That’s why we started to design boots specifically for small ponies. Our miniature ponies Pim-Ahti and Poks-Ahti have been working as Flex Hoof Boot™ testers since the beginning.

One very important thing for us was to manufacture the boots in Finland. Environment is very important to us, so the less we import goods from overseas, the better.

Because design work is time-consuming, and we wanted to make a good product, it took time. We did not want to compromise on quality and functionality, even though other brands of small boots started to appear on the market.

The actual design work began in 2011. Over the years, it has required us innovativeness, determination, perseverance, and lots of passion. That is the thing that has led us all these years. A passion for improving the well-being of horses is the most important thing for us in our work. We live as we teach!

In 2017 we finally launched FlexPony boots. Unfortunately, regardless of us, there were huge problems with the factory and our years of work went to waste. We lost our factory and story of the pony boots ended before if even properly started. We were devastated.

Fortunately, there was some good people that we got to know during these years and quite quickly after the disaster we started working with horse boots. Finally, in fall 2018, we are ready to launch FlexHorse and, in fact, it is the design we wanted to have from the beginning. We are so happy and proud to be able to offer this boot to our customers.

We wanted our boots to meet the following features:

  • light, sleek and comfortable
  • allows the correct biomechanical function of the hoof
  • offers a good grip in many surfaces
  • allows you to add ice studs
  • comfortable and easy to use with long-lasting fastenings
  • disturbs the movement of the horse as little as possible
  • offers comfortable natural break over of the hoof
  • flexible skin that moves with the hoof
  • easy to clean; do not absorb water
  • offers holistic way to improve the health of horses’ hooves

Flex Hoof Boots™ , functional, holistic, comfortable and classy hoof boots are MADE IN FINLAND, EUROPE!

May I present our wonderful Test Team Flex Hoof Boots™!

Team Nuuksio

The first member in our Test Team Flex Hoof Boots™ is Päivi and her daughter Emma with their arabian horse mare Miina and a welsh pony Tara.

Päivi and Miina are an endurance team and Tara is going to be a carriage pony. All their horses have been barefoot for years, and now they are using Flex Hoof Boots™.

Päivi, Emma and their horses are surrounded by beautiful trails, and they spend a lot of time in the woods with the horses, which provides us with a great amount of information on the functionality of our boots.

This is what Päivi tells in her own words:

We live in Espoo in the middle of Nuuksio national park, with magnificent riding terrains and pastures around us. We are two crazy horse women in our family, I am Päivi and my daughter is Emma, 11 years old. We practice endurance riding, not in a very goal-oriented way, but as much as it is possible during these busy years I have going on right now.

Miina (Merula ox) was born in 2004. She is The Horse of my life. I got her when she was eight months old, so we’ve been pretty much weld together; there are not many people who understand Miina like I do. We have a result in a 60-kilometer race; this year we have had to hold a break in racing, but next year we will continue. Miina doesn’t lack speed; a little bit of rodeo is included in our rides every now and then, but life would be boring without Miina! 

Tara was born in 2013. She is a Welsh Mountain pony, who mostly follows us in a lead rope, learns how to be a carriage pony and how to keep a human on her back.

Our horses are kept barefoot and bridleless. We want to keep the horses as naturally as possible. We exercise them actively in our demanding trails: lots of upward slopes, forest paths and different types of soil. Our horses live in an area sized little over a hectare, with varied terrain. They move a lot there also.

Team Savioja ranch

Our second member in the Test Team Flex Hoof Boots™ is Savioja ranch from the middle of Finland.

Teresa, the lady of the ranch, has several horses and ponies. All of them are barefoot. When they go out to the woods with horses and ponies, no laughing and speed are missing!

Flex Hoof Boots™ have been used diligently by all the horses and ponies in the ranch, and we have had a lot of user experience from Teresa on our boots on many kinds of terrains.

Team Jaana & co

Our third member in the Test Team Flex Hoof Boots™ is Jaana and her endurance horses as well as Domi the dog.

Jaana is a pro when it comes to endurance riding. She has been competing in the discipline over 10 years with her own barefoot horses and has very good rankings. She has plenty of experience using hoof boots and her needs for the boots are quite demanding. Jaana gives us loads of user experience on a hard use of FlexHorse boots on two of her horses. She rides on different kinds of terrains for dozens of kilometers per week.

Cooperation with Christina and her 2 lovely mare’s Amina and Jebha from Norway!