Team Flex Hoof Boots

Our story

Flex Hoof Boots have been designed and manufactured by a Finnish barefoot trimmer couple Jiri and Satu Vainikka. They have been trimming horses since 2004 and eventually they started to educate horse owners for a barefoot trim. By the 2016 they had almost 800 students and it was time to open an online clinic for basic trim for horse owners. It has been success, there is more than 100 students by 2019. That is lot on a Finnish scale. At some point during their journey as a trimmers, they stared to sell hoof boots too. They did import boots from China many years, but at some point it did not felt right to do anymore.

This is how they tell abut their early stages of manufacturing Flex Hoof Boots:

  • We have years of experience in holistic hoof and horse care and using different brand on boots, as well as fitting and selling them to our customers. We started importing hoof boots from China to Finland in 2007.

    The idea of making our own boots was first launched years ago when the market had not yet boots for small ponies available. We asked these small boots for so long from our co-workers, but no one took us serious. We wanted to do something about it, after all, there was two small furry friends in our own paddock who needed the boots!! That is the reason why we started this journey, design boots specifically for small ponies. Our miniature ponies, Pim-Ahti and Poks-Ahti, have been working as Flex Hoof Boot testers since the beginning.

    The most important aspect for us was to make the boots in Finland. The well being of the environment is very important to us, so the less we import goods from China and countries like that, the better.

    Because design work is very time-consuming, it all took a huge amount of time. The whole journey has been crazy, and you really have to be a madman to get involved something like this, you have to have a lot of passion and of course a knowledge too. You can not calculate hours with out salary. It is endless hours, days and moths with out a pay check. I think that is called passion. Passion so deep and strong that you are ready to put all in. Of course we could not do it with out each other. 

    Actual design work started at 2011 and years went by, small boots started to appear in the market, but that did not stop us. We knew we are creating a boots that are the best and we did it. The feedback we have received is just wonderful!

    In 2017, we finally launched FlexPony boots. Unfortunately, regardless of us, there was huge problems with the factory and our yers of work went to waste. We lost our factory and story of the pony boots ended before it even properly started. It was disaster.

    Fortunately, there was some good people that we got to know during these years and quite quickly after the disaster we started working with horse boots. 
    Finally, in fall 2018, we were ready to launch Flex Hoof Boots model FlexHorse boots. 
    We were so happy and so proud of our “baby”!!
    What a journey! And now it will just begin…

    We wanted our boots to meet the following features:
    – light, sleek and comfortable for the horse and the owner
    – allows the correct biomechanical function for the hoof
    – offers a good grip in many survaces
    – allows to add studs
    – comfortable and easy to use with long lasting fastenings
    – disturbs the movement of the horse as little as possible
    – offers comfortable natural break over to the hoof
    – flexible skin that moves with the hoof
    – easy to clean, do not absorb water
    – offers holistic way to improve the health of the horses hooves

    Flex Hoof Boots are that and much more: classy and comfortable hoof boots MADE IN FINLAND!

    ps. FlexPony boots are going to be on the market again…