What's included in the Flex Boots package?

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

When you purchase Flex Boots, the boots come with ball rivets, screws and washers installed. The neoprene gaiters come with boots as standard, but they are not attached to the boot. This is so that it's easier for you to try the boot on for the first time to make sure the size is right. This is much easier to do when the gaiter isn't attached, so you don't need worry about it getting dirty.

If the boot itself gets a bit dirty when you try it on, and you need to change the size, it is easy to clean the boot by wiping it with a damp cloth or water and a brush. Note that if you return or exchange boots, they must be in 'as new' condition and completely clean. Our retailers will not accept returns of dirty or used boots. When trying on the boots, it's a good idea to put a thin hosiery-type sock over your horse's hoof, and have a clean towel on the ground, to prevent the boot getting dirty.

When you try the boot on, keep in mind that the neoprene gaiter will affect the fit and will make the boot a bit tighter. So if the straps are very snug without the gaiter on, it may be that once you attach the gaiter, the straps will be too tight. If this is the case, you may want try the boot on with the gaiter attached, do decide whether the boots fits your horse properly.

If the strap is too short, you can always add a TPU gaiter extension to it. But never use the boots without the neoprene gaiter, they are not designed for that and will not function correctly without the gaiter.

After each use, boots should be washed with water and a brush/towel, but do not use solvent-based soap. Let the boots dry somewhere with good air circulation, for example you can hang them up on your tack room wall.

This video shows how to fit the gaiter to the boot:

Some horses have thin legs and some have thicker legs, so sometimes you have to make some adjustments to the gaiters, especially if you have a very thin-legged horse. The video below shows how you can shorten the neoprene gaiter if needed.

If the horse has a very thick legs, sometimes choosing a larger neoprene gaiter is also a good option, as you can see in the photo below.

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