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What are Flex Hoof Boots like?

This blog post is written by Jessica, a 2021 Flex Boot Ambassador. Jessica is an amazing artist and photographer, check out her work on Instagram and on her website!



I’m Jessica and I’m one of the new Flex Boots ambassadors. I live in Scotland with my two equines, Cody and Apple. We are new to Flex Boots, but I was really excited about the concept of them. I was told about the ambassador program by my wonderful equine podiatrist.

My initial thoughts

We received our boots two weeks ago, and my first first thoughts were “wow!” They are very light and the material is soft and flexible, however the sole of the boot is tough enough to offer good support over our rough terrain. They are well made and look extremely smart and unlike some boots, Flex Boots are quite stream lined and not bulky. There is a good break over on them too. The design of the boots is really well thought out and very user friendly. The ball rivets and straps are very easy to use. We love the various colour options too!

Getting the boots fitted right

So with all this in mind, I couldn’t wait to try them out. The Flex Boot team have been fantastic with help and advice. I found the boots extremely easy to put on and take off. I sent photos back to the team who recommended a few tweaks to my fitting to get the best from them.

My advice to anyone trying Flex Boots for their horse is that if you are unsure at all if you have fitted your new boots correctly, email the Flex team and they help you get them just right!

I also found the user guide included with the boots really handy to have alongside. We have the dreaded Scottish midges here, so boots that are easy to get on and off are essential when the horses are getting impatient and you are getting eaten alive!

So what are the boots like in everyday use?

We have now given the boots a thorough trial over all terrain and in all gaits except gallop. They have not moved or twisted. Both horses are striding out comfortably over various terrain. I really like that they are softer than many of the other boots on the market and allow my horses to feel the ground just enough that they can make good decisions with their hooves. But at the same time, they give enough protection that our rough tracks are no problem to them either. The grip on the boots is superb, in previous boots I have used I have always noticed some slight slipping from the harder shells. My horses are clearly very happy in Flex Boots and after two weeks, there are no rubs on my horses.

In a nutshell, the boots are great!

The boots have performed well in water, mud,

stony tracks and tarmac roads. We haven’t lost a boot or had any twists. They are quick to remove, and after a good rinse with water can be hung up to dry and air.

We also received the red and yellow pads. Neither of my horses have needed them yet but Cody and I regularly attend endurance rides so I will put pads in for this to give him extra protection when trotting longer distances.

I’m really looking forward to the rest of the summer and adventures with their super Flex Hoof Boots!


If you'd like to know more about Flex Hoof Boots, our Product Information page or FAQ page are great places to start! For individual fitting advice, please send us photos and measurements of your horse's hooves to

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