MKS Equine – Flex Hoof Boots Australia

I’m a Finn living in Australia, for 20 years. I started my journey as a barefoot trimmer 10 years ago because I was dissatisfied with the poor condition my own horses’ hooves, who were all shod. I had nowhere to go for help or information so I decided to do it myself. I became immediately obsessed with all things hooves and it became my absolute passion and full time business.

I’ve been fitting hoof boots for the whole time too and there’s been a gap in the market, just about the size of a FlexBoot!
I’m super excited to be part of the FlexTeam and an ambassador for a quality product to Australia from my home. So much engineering, design and genuine passion is behind the FlexBoot; it’s contagious!
At home near Melbourne I have 8 horses and I like to practise classical dressage and some trail riding and my boys are loving their FlexBoots, finally footwear that fits well and stays on.