How to use

Flex Hoof Boots™ offers a perfect way to accustom your horse to barefoot life, step by step.
FlexHorse is a great boot to transfer your young horse to be ridden and driven. She/he can still feel the ground, be sure-footed without making her/his feet numb.  

These boots work like human barefoot shoes:

Take off the hardest pressure from the rocks etc. 

Allow thee hoof mechanism to work perfectly. 

Let your horse feel the ground properly.

Offer great grip in all circumstances.

With totally healthy hooves; use Flex Hoof Boots™ to protect the hooves from excessive wear.

With hooves that are a little bit sore when riding in hard gravel surfaces or are under transition state;

use Flex Hoof Boots™ with FlexPad EVA, thickness 5,5 mm.
This pad molds with the hoof and also with the sole of the boot.
It stays on perfectly!

There are two ways in which you can use Flex Hoof Boots™:

Traditional hoof boot: put on for exercise and take off afterwards.

Glue-on boot.

When to use Flex Hoof Boots™:

During exercise; driving, riding, jumping, ground work etc.

Free time: Icy paddocks or any other occasion your horse needs extra protection.

Common sense is a good tool with everything!

Importance of anatomic trim

 It is very important to trim your horse based on her/his anatomy, frequently enough. In Finland that means every week during summer, and at maximum every 2 to 3 weeks during winter. The more you let the hoof wall grow, the worse is the fit of the boot. Frequent trimming is very important also for the wellbeing of your horse. As you can see, it is also important that you are able to trim your horse yourself, at least a maintenance trim, and to learn how to take holistic care of your equine friend. 

If you are in the beginning of barefoot life with your horse, be sure to have someone who knows how to trim barefoot horses by anatomy and are aware of holistic care for horses. Field trim that is made with common practitioners  is not based on anatomy.

When you keep the hooves in shape all the time, your horse will get the most out of the Flex Hoof Boots. It is always nice for a horse to move with perfectly fitting boots, like you feel most comfortable to move with perfectly fitting shoes.