FlexGaiter neoprene

When you buy Flex Hoof Boots, you get protective neoprene gaiter with it. The gaiter is nice soft neoprene, laminated with fabric on both sides, that protects the horses foot from possible rubbing.

FlexGaiter neoprene is very durable, when the boot is properly fitted to the horse.

FlexGaiter neoprene comes in 4 sizes:

  • size XS for FlexPony 90, 100
  • size S for FlexHorse 110
  • size M for FlexHorse 120, 130
  • size L for FlexHorse 140
  • if you have thin or thick legged horse, you can also use smaller or bigger gaiter with the boots. Sizes above will come with the boots.

FlexGaiter comes with 8 different colors:

  • black
  • royal blue
  • red
  • orange
  • fuchsia
  • turquoise
  • neon green
  • neon yellow

It is advisable to was the gaiters regularly either by hand with a mild soap or in a washing machine. Neoprene dries out quick at room temperature.

When replacing neoprene gaiters, you may want to remove the back strap for easier replacement.

When installing back strap, note that the strap is not totally straight, arch of the strap should face up. This will offers a best fit for your horse.

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If a horse has very thick legs and the gaiter that comes with the boot does not cover all around the leg, use bigger gaiter (see the picture)

FlexGaiter has laminated fabric on both sides. One side is black, other side is either black or colored. The purpose of the gaiter is to prevent the boot from rubbing the horses skin. Some cases there is too much traction between the leg and the gaiter, that the laminated fabric will wear out faster. Because the material needs to be soft, to be able to secure the skin, it is impossible to have durable enough material to prevent from excessive traction in every cases. We can not use harder materials, because we need to protect the skin. 
We offer FlexGaiters as accessories so it is easy and affordable to replace, when the gaiter has been worn out. 

You may want to adjust the neoprene gaiter to the proper height for perfect fit. If you discover that the gaiter or the rubber band starts to wear out, you can adjust it little bit higher. That will usually help.
However, the fabric of the gaiter is soft, it is laminated, it is not sewn, so over time it starts to come off at the edges. This is perfectly normal and cannot be avoided. However, that is not a reason to throw the gaiters away.
If the horse hits the toe of his back hooves to the back of his front legs, then the rubber band and also the rivets behind the boot will get hurt. So please keep this in mind and keep close look at the product. There is many things you can do in order to take better care of the Flex boots.

Pictures above: The gaiters have been too low and there has been excessive wear due to that. Also the fit of the middle boot is not perfect. However, the rubber band has been protecting the rivets from getting hurt.


We hope this info was useful!