FlexPad EVA

Available in size 110, 120, 130, 140

FlexPad EVA is a soft pad that will mold into the sole of the horses hoof and to the insole of the Flex boot. Pad will stay’s n, it will give stimulation to the sole, frog and back of the foot and strengthens the hoof in every step of the way. Your horse will feel even more comfortable with these pads on!

PRE-CUT TO THE RIGHT SIZE! Thickness 5,5 mm.

Choose FlexPad EVA if:

  • you need more fit to the boot
  • horses sole and or frog needs more stimulation for strength
  • horse needs extra protection on hard rocky terrain 
  • when rehabilitating founder, abscess, wld, thin sole etc. Flex boots with pads are a great way to strengthen thin sole!


Notice the form of the hoof and the form of the insole of the boot on the pad.

FlexPad EVA has been tested by our team. Pads are performing well, if the hooves are taking care of weekly. Same principals as with the boot: no sharp edges, the weight bearing areas are hoof wall, sole next to it and break over is following anatomy.
If the horse twists the leg with gait, then the pad will wear off sooner. 
So if your horse has a good trim and balanced movement, these pads will last a long time. If there is some issues with the horse at the moment, then you may want to choose FlexPad Kevlar.

Because the material of the pad is soft so it has the capability to mold in to the boot and foot, and the horses hoof wall is hard, where the pressure is very hard, usually in the heel area, hard material against the soft will cause the soft material to brake at some point. 
With some horses, the pads have worn out faster than with others. The more twist on the leg, the sooner the pad will brake off. Usually, the pad will brake under the hoof wall first, and the longer the wall, the more pressure it has. We advice you to trim the hooves so that the hoof wall does not carry all the weight, it should be shared with the sole and the frog.
But if the pad breaks off from the hoof wall area, it is still totally usable, so please do continue to use the pads until they don’t stay in place anymore. Then you can throw it to the energy waste.

The purpose of FlexPad EVA is specifically to provide support for the bottom of the foot and to fill all the empty areas between the bottom of the boots and the bottom of the hoof. It does that perfectly.

Again, Flex boots and pads will make us take good care of the hooves!

The area underneath the hoof wall will break fastest, but no support under the wall is needed. Because FlexPad EVA is shaped according to the sole of the hoof and the sole of the shoe (which are not present in any other boots), it will remain in place even if there is a hole or two at the wall area.  


With FlexPad EVA, you can also discover how the weight is distributed on the hoof!