The FlexPad is soft pad that will mold in to the sole of the horses hoof and to the innersole of FlexHorse boots. Pad will stay on very well, it will give stimulation to the sole, frog and back of the hoof and strengthens the hoof with every step. Your horse will feel even more comfortable with these pads on!


Choose FlexPad comfort pad if:

  • you need more fit to the boot
  • the horse’s sole and / or frog + back of the foot needs more stimulation to strengthen
  • horse needs extra protection with hard terrain, when rehabilitate founder, abcess, wld etc.

See the form of the hoof and form of the insole of the boot on the pad. 


FlexPad have been tested by our endurance team. Pads are performing well. By this time they have way over 200 km behind and  they do what they supposed to do. FlexPad supports the sole and back of the foot, offers a good stimulation with every step. 

Because the material is soft and the horse’s hoof wall is tough,  where the pressure is very hard, usually in heel area, the tough material against the soft will cause the soft material to brake in some point. We don’t see it as a problem because that will not give you the reason to throw away the product.

Because the material is soft, it is not expected to last long periods of time with out having holes in it (not the same as usable) as well as for example TPU does.
We chose EVA material because it has a characteristic and softness and comfort that supports sole and back of the foot.

If you want to have some benefits, you need to cope with others. It is the same way with everything.  But, the fact that pad has a hole in it does not mean that it is unusable.

The purpose of FlexPad is specifically to provide support for the bottom of the foot and to fill all the empty areas between the bottom of the boots and the bottom of the hoof. It does that.

The fact that the FlexPad has a hole in it at some point does not interfere with use as long as the insole carries out its task = stays in place and gives support to the hoof.

If the hoof has sharp corners or if there is little sand, for example, it will rub the FlexPad very quickly, precisely where the greatest pressure is.
The area underneath the wall will break fastest, but no support under the wall is needed. Because FlexPad is shaped into the bottom of the sole of the hoof and the bottom holes of the insole of the boot, (which are not present in any other boots), it will remain in place even if there is a hole or two at the wall area.  

We compared the durability of the other soft pads in the market and the durability is the same. This is indeed the only downside of the soft product.

I myself do not remove FlexPad from the FlexHorse boots, just brush them inside the boots after they have dried.