FlexGlue On

FlexGlue On boots are an option for horses in long distance events or in some other cases you need to cover up the hooves for a few days. 

How to?

  • The fit of the boot must be snug. 
  • The hoof has to be dry, well trimmed and cleaned. 
  • We do not recommend to use FlexGlue on more than 7 days period. 

Sold individually


  • Place the horse in a clean, flat area, with a + degree
  • trim the hooves carefully and rasp the hoof wall with the fine side of the rasp so you will get a good surface for the glue to attach
  • clean the hoof wall with alcohol and also clean the inner wall of the FlexGlue On with alcohol. Do not handle the shell or the hoof with bare hands after this, to avoid the grease from the hands
  • if the conditions are very cold, you should warm up the FlexGlue On boot with a hot air blower/hairdryer, etc.
  • add Adhere in the inner wall of the FlexGlue On
  • lift the horse’s foot up and take care that the hoof is completely clean
  • place the FlexGlue On on the hoof and tap it into place with a rubber hammer etc
  • hold the foot up as long as the adhesive time of the adhesive is required
  • when you put the leg down, glue the holes and the top edge of the shell
  • do not use FlexGlue On boots more than 14 days to prevent the overgrowth of the hooves
  • Warranty

You will find Adhere from the nearest Vettec dealer.

Boot size width mm length mm
110 105-115 110-120
120 115-125 120-130
130 125-135 130-140
140 135-145 140-150

To glue on the FlexGlue On boots you need Vettec Adhere two component glue with that.