FlexGaiter TPU

 FlexGaiter TPU instructions:

If the TPU gaiter is damaged for some reason, it is possible to replace the new gaiter. See the video:

FlexGaiter TPU with pre-glue and 2 pre-mounted rivets.

If for any reason you want or need to replace the TPU gaiter to Flex Hoof Boots, this will help you succeed.

Color: Black

Sizes: 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140.

If your horse steps on the boots and the TPU gaiter breaks off, we offer TPU gaiters and rivets for accessories, so you can fix the boot. This is not material failure, no material can handle the force of the horse stepping on the boot. In order to offer a comfortable soft boot, we need to understand the limits of it. However, the boot is still fixable.