Pieniä kavioita Suomesta

Small Hooves from Finland

Hi, I’m Tuuli from Finland. I have seven Shetland ponies and one Icelandic horse, and a team of children and young people who are involved with the care of the equines. Together we take care of the ponies, ride them, drive them, do agility, groundwork, ski ride, take ponies swimming and lots more.


It’s important to me that everything we do is safe and fun for everyone. I want to offer kids a chance to have a versatile hobby, learn new things, and be a part of a nice group. And I want the ponies a guaranteed good life, where they can be ponies and live full horse-life. I’m always studying new things about horses and people and I’m open to new ideas. My ponies live in a heard in quite a large paddock. We gave up metal shoes a year ago and started to use boots. Now I’ve started to rasp my own ponies’ hooves by myself, although our farrier still helps and guides me every now and then.

You can learn more about what we get up to from my blog, Instagram account, Facebook page and YouTube channel. I’m really happy to be part of Flex Hoof Boots Sponsor-team!



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