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Päivi’s home team consists of two Arab mares Miina and Galla, and Felix who is a Norwegian Fjord Horse youngster. Päivi’s daughters, 12-year-old Emma and 5-year-old Erin have caught their mom’s riding bug so they all take care of the horses together.


Miina and Galla are used mainly for endurance riding by Päivi. The Arabs love this work, and both have a lot of speed when it’s required! Felix is used for driving and groundwork at the moment, but the plan is to get him involved in endurance riding too as he matures.

Päivi spent a considerable amount of time, money and effort to find boots for Miina that would not fall off even in high speeds, or when Miina decided to showcase some rodeo moves. And the boots would need stay on even on the longest rides, without any rubbing. Flex Boots were the answer Päivi was looking for; because they are softer, they are more flexible and therefore harder for Miina to break. And if any of the parts does break, it’s easy to replace.


Päivi also chose Flex Boots for Felix, and loves that they are easy and quick to put on, something that is important when you have a young, heavy horse that doesn’t always want to keep its feet up for very long at a time. Päivi noticed that with Flex Boots, Felix was tripping a lot less and generally moving better.


Galla has an extremely sensitive skin that is almost transparent. Even with this, the Flex Boots haven’t rubbed her skin at all. And just like Miina, Galla is also capable of performing impromptu side jumps and bucks, but Flew Boots never fall off!


Päivi loves having each horse’s boot gaiters in their own colours. Not only is it pretty, but it makes it easier to see straight away which boots belong to which horse. And Flex Boots are so easy to use, even 12-year old Emma can put them on the horses herself.



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