Few years ago I fell in love with horseback archery, and nowadays I compete in this discipline with my Icelandic mare Trau. I also run lessons and clinics for people who want to learn this discipline.


From the very start of my horse ownership journey, the holistic welfare of horses has been extremely important to me; it went without saying that I’d have my horse live outside with sufficient shelter, eat as naturally as possible and would not be shod. And when it was time to remove shoes from my first horse, I was nervous. But with time, I noticed that my horse was actually better without shoes.

I tested several different hoof boots, but there was always something not quite right with the ones I tried to use. The ones that were hard wearing didn’t fit well. The ones that fit well broke really easily and I was constantly replacing buckles on them. At times I got so frustrated that I considered going back to shoeing.


When I first read about Flex Boots, I asked myself if I was willing to try yet another brand of boots. But after reading so much positive feedback, I gave them a go. I tested them on one trail ride before entering the horseback archery Finnish championships with Flex Boots on my horse; I was worried that with the high speeds we were going to go at, the boots might fly off into the spectator area! But, I’m happy to report, the boots stayed on perfectly and we have been using Flex Boots ever since!



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