I’m Léa and this is my horse Blue. He’s an awesome horse. He’s also a leisure horse. We do a lot of groundwork with R+ (while doing proprioception exercises, liberty play, weight training, stretching, and a lot [especially] of weird stuff!). We also go for walks a lot. Walking next to him, riding, running side by side…

Unfortunately, Blue can be sensitive in his feet (even though he lives outside, and has less sensitivity compared to 4 years ago). So I looked for boots. I first bought some second-hand boots that were not that bad, but took a long time to put on, were difficult to adjust, took extremely long to dry and very “big” on Blue’s feet; he even stumbled sometimes with them.


So I was looking for perfect boots. I wanted something that wasn’t stiff, and that stimulated the foot. And then I found Flex Boots. I have had them for over a year now, and I’m extremely happy with them. I’m proud to be part of the team! 


I was worried at first that the boots would hurt him, because he has a scar on his pastern just where the boot goes. Luckily, the boot stays on extremely well even when it is not very tight (and it shouldn’t be too tight!). We use pads for the back feet because his hooves are quite oval, and the boots don’t move at all. 


Flex Boots are very easy to put on and they fit perfectly to the hoof. So Blue doesn’t stumble at all, and on top of that, they are quick and easy to clean and dry… perfect for energy saver like me! 


There is also an advantage I hadn’t thought of at first : the psychological aspect. At the beginning, Blue didn’t really want to go for a walk, because we have to walk on a lot of rocks before reaching the paths. Now, he goes over them like “LET’S GO DISCOVER THE WOOOOORLD!!!!!!” and even gained confidence in himself and his abilities. Sometimes when we go for short walks I don’t put the boots on and he is a bit careful but goes anyways. Whereas before, he used to look for the softer parts of the ground. Furthermore, his back is much more relaxed on hard ground with the Flex Boots, and he has much more bounce to his step.



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