Flex Rivets

Flex Rivets are used to hold the FlexGaiter TPU in the Flex boot. Sometimes, if the horse steps on the boot for some reason, this small rivet can fell off or get damaged. It is easy to remove and adjust again.

If the rivet is damaged, you can remove it by drilling it out with a drilling machine or using nippers and adding a new rivet.

We’ve made a video showing the replacement of the TPU gaiter of the boot. It also shows how the rivets are removed using a power drill and replacing them using a hammer.

If the rivets have fallen off, then you simply add a new rivet by adding the male rivet from inside the boot through the hole, push the female rivet from the outside on to the male rivet, use a hammer to attach them together. Your boot is ready for work again.


You can find the Flex rivets from your dealer.