Flex boot manual

Flex Boots are barefoot shoes made for horses. Human barefoot shoes have been on the market for a long time, but now we have the opportunity to offer the same benefits for our horses.

When the owner commits to caring for their horse’s hooves regularly, it will benefit both the horse and the boots, and you will notice the difference in your horse’s body, hooves and movement!

  • Material and durability:
    The TPU used as the material for Flex Boots is extremely resistant to the stress of normal use of the product when the hooves are trimmed frequently enough.

    Whilst Flex boots will cope with most riding terrain, you should keep in mind the properties of a barefoot shoe; because the boot is soft, riding up steep rocky mountains may cause the toe of the boot to wear out faster. Horses will dig their toes in to climb steep gradients and this may affect the durability of the boot. You should avoid terrain that is too harsh for the soft boots and keep a close eye on the wear of the boot.

    If you keep boots on your horse, for example, in the paddock, always make sure the horse does not accidentally damage the boots. Damage to the boot will not be covered by the warranty. You should protect the boots with bell boots. You may also want to protect the boots with bell boots during exercise if your horse tends to over-reach.

    If your horse has a narrow gait and is likely to brush, you may want to change the medial side ball rivets to flat rivets.

  • Cleaning:
    It is recommended to clean the boots after use by brushing off any loose dirt and leaving the boots to dry in an airy place. Wash the boots occasionally with water and a brush to remove dirt. The boots should not be washed with solvent-based detergents.

    TPU has the longest possible life when bacteria is regularly cleaned off by washing the boot.


  • Storage:
    Wash the boots carefully with water, store the boots in an airy place at room temperature or a cool spot, away from direct sunlight and extreme heat.

    Do not store Flex Boots in an enclosed space (closet/cupboard, car, box, bag etc).

    The best way to store Flex Boots is to hang them on the wall of the tack room.