Lindy is our amazing partner in the USA. She is the sole distributor of Flex Hoof Boots in America, selling the boots directly from her online store. She has a team of professional hoof care professionals, who fit Flex Boots for their clients, ensuring an ideal fit for each horse.


Lindy lives in Wesley Chapel, Florida with her husband John, horses Chief, a Rocky/Arab cross and Maxwell, a Rocky Mountain horse and her wonder dog Bandit. She is a passionate trail rider and as often as time allows, she heads out on camping trips with her horses. You can also find her taking part on limited distance endurance rides and hunter paces.  Lindy's love affair with horses began when she got Pixie, a dapple-grey Shetland Pony at age 5 and she has never grown out of the obsession with all things horse-related.

Being the Flex Boots distributor for the US is a dream come true for Lindy. She loves working directly with customers and with her Hoof Boot Consultants (HBCs); a talented group of natural hoof trimmers who fit Flex Boots for their clients.  The HBC program is quite unique and provides customers and their horses hands-on fitting service to ensure correct fit, which is what we are all about. To learn more about this service and to find your nearest Hoof Boot Consultant in America, visit the Flex Consultants Page on Lindy's website.  If you are interested in becoming a Flex Hoof Boot Consultant in America, click here to learn more about this innovative program.




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