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Flex Boots are designed by a Finnish barefoot trimmer couple Jiri and Satu Vainikka. They have been trimming equine hooves since 2004 and along the way also started to educate horse owners about barefoot trimming, so when the idea to design hoof boots arose, it was obvious that the boots would have to be designed with the horse’s welfare as the most important factor.

The couple first started with a design for small ponies, because at the time if was impossible to find boots to fit their Shetland ponies Pim-Ahti and Poks-Ahti. From there the Flex Boot concept grew, and 2018 saw the launch of Flex Boots for horses. Now in 2020 the Flex Boot brand comprises of six boot size options for ponies and horses, several gaiter and strap colour options for you to personalise your boots, and a range of pads and accessories to help your horse feel its best when extra hoof protection is needed. And all the products are manufactured in Finland; this in important for Jiri and Satu, because not only is it environmentally better to have them made close to home, this also enables them to keep a close eye on the quality of their products.

Looking back at the journey, Jiri and Satu describe is as wild! Driven by a relentless passion to create hoof boots that are the best in the market, the couple pushed through countless hours, weeks and months perfecting the boot design and functionality. Even when they lost the first factory that was making the boots, they did not stop! As a result of their refusal to give up, the brand has quickly become popular across the world and every day more and more horses – and their owners – fall in love with Flex Boots.

Classy &


Made in Finland



Official retailer and distributor of Flex Boots in Finland.

Noora and Reima, who run Epona Balance, are passionate about animals; in addition to two human children, their family includes an Arabian horse and three dogs.


With a background in equestrianism and working with pet animals, Noora and Reima started to learn about barefoot horses in 2014 and soon noticed that their horse was moving much better without iron shoes on.  After using Flex Boots on their own horse for some time, the couple were convinced that they were the best boots around and were thrilled to become the retailer and distributor for Flex Boots in Finland.


Noora is in charge of customer service at Epona Balance, and Reima is responsible for the technical aspects such as the online store functionality.


MKS Equine - Flex Boots Australia

Official retailer and distributor of Flex Boots in Australia and New Zealand.

I’m a Finn living in Australia, for over 20 years. I started my journey as a barefoot trimmer in 2010 because I was dissatisfied with the poor condition my own horses’ hooves, who were all shod. I had nowhere to go to for help or information, so I decided to teach myself. I immediately became obsessed with all things hooves and it became my absolute passion and full-time business.


I’ve been fitting hoof boots for the whole time too and there’s been a gap in the market, just about the size of Flex Boot! I’m super excited to be part of the FlexTeam and an ambassador in Australia for a quality product from my home country. So much engineering, design and genuine passion is behind the Flex Boot; it’s contagious!

At home near Melbourne I have eight horses and I practise classical dressage and do some trail riding. My boys are loving their Flex Boots; finally footwear that fits well and stays on.

Official retailer and distributor of Flex Boots in USA.

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