How to love your Flex boots?

5 steps to long-lasting Flex boots!

  1. Keep the hooves free of splinters and sharp edges. If you don’t trim your own horses, we suggest that you learn to do at least the maintenance trim: rasping the hooves when needed. It depends on the climate, terrain, the habitat of the horse and the season, how often you need to trim. We live in Finland and we trim our horses every 1 or 2 weeks, no matter the season.

2. Adjust the neoprene gaiter.  When this is done, put the boot on and close the straps. Remember the rule: two fingers between the pastern strap, one finger snugly between the back strap.
If the neoprene gaiter is fitted too low, the lowest point of it will be under the bulbs and it may wear off too quickly. So you can lift the rubber band enough to make it fit better. 

If the gaiter is too low with this position…

…adjust the rubber band a little bit higher. This way the gaiter may work better.

3. Next you need to adjust the back strap. 
Adjust the medial side of the strap (blue in the photo) so that there is no extra holes under the ball rivets. 
Adjust the lateral side of the strap (yellow) so that there is one extra hole under the ball rivet. 

Also, adjust the pastern strap so the neoprene gaiter will fit nicely.

First photo: back strap is little bit too high and the TPU gaiter makes a small gap over the bulbs. 
Second photo: back strap is adjusted on the lower holes. Strap and TPU gaiter sits much better.

Same adjustment as above, from the back view.

Again, we suggest you cut the extra holes from the back strap.

4. If your horse has very narrow gate, you can change the medial side ball rivets to flat rivets

5. After the ride, wash your Flex boots with warm water and mild soap if needed. It is good to get rid of the bacteria since TPU does not like it. 

If you need to storage your boots in long period of time, for example for winter of for summer, wash the boots carefully with soap but do not use solvent based soap.

Keep your boots in airy place away from direct sunlight, room temperature or cooler.
Best way to storage your Flex boots is to hang on the wall.
We don’t recommend to storage the boots in a plastic box or similar non airy place. TPU needs to breathe. 

Team Flex Hoof Boots wishes happy trails to you and your horse!