Flex Neoprene Gaiter adjustments

Though Flex Hoof Boots fits in so many shapes of hooves, there is always that group that the fit it is not quite perfect. But, with small adjustments, you can make Flex boots to fit so much better to your horse. 

If your problem is that the neoprene gaiter is too large and it does not sit so nicely around the leg. 

Photos above, the pastern strap is adjusted from the first loops of the neoprene gaiter.

There is different adjustments that you can make with Flex Neoprene Gaiters to make it fit better. 

There are 4 holes on neoprene gaiter in both sides of the leg. To make the gaiter fit the best, try different adjustments with strap: in from number 1, out from number 2. In from number 2, out from number 3 and so on. 

Do the same with the strap with the rivet on. 

On this photo rivet side is still on the first loop so that the tail of the strap can go under the loop of the neoprene gaiter.  

You can try other options of neoprene loops for adjusting the strap, but make sure that the tail of the strap will stay under the neoprene loop. 

Very nice fit!

You can also add the rubber band behind the boot higher or lower and make the gaiter fit better with that.

I hope this helps you to adjust the neoprene gaiter to fit better to your horse. 

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