Updated closure for FlexHorse boot

We have updated the closure system for pastern strap of FlexHorse boots, so it is more simple and easier to use, without compromising on product performance.

Instead of the previous two rivets, there is one rivet instead. Why so?

  • We noticed in use that the first rivet slides in very easily, but with the second rivet it was already a bit of a search for where the rivet goes through the strap holes.
  • In some cases, the TPU gaiter tore off from the boots when the horse stepped on the boots. Product breakage is never desirable and no such breakage is covered by the warranty. However, spare parts are available, the TPU gaiter is easy to replace, but we still wanted to do something about it.
  • We got more options for adjusting the pastern strap length in both directions.

If your boot has two rivet attachments, you may want to, and we think you should customize your boot as follows for added comfort and reliability:

  • Remove the rivets and washer from the pastern strap:
  • Cut off the other circle of the washer:
  • Add one rivet to the pastern strap:

Now you have one rivet attachment!

When wearing the boots, adjust the tail of the strap under the loop of the gaiter!


  • easier to close and open
  • still a great boot to wear on in every terrain and activities
  • unlikely broken TPU gaiter when the horse steps on the boots, because one rivet acts as a fuse and the pastern strap opens more likely before the gaiter breaks
  • easier to open

Some customers have been worried about whether the boot will stay on when the pastern strap has only one rivet and whether the strap will open by itself.

We have tested one rivet attachment in really demanding conditions. Long rides in many different terrains, in the woods, on the dirt road, in the mud, in the water, etc. The strap holds up really well. We have also tested the attachment on our own horse in the paddock, and if the horse steps on the boots with its foot, it is less likely to hang on to the horse’s foot, causing some horses to panic, more over-stepping and more secure breakage.
Rather, it is desirable for the boot to leave the foot completely in situations like this. The pastern strap will remain well attached if the tail is added under the neoprene gaiter loop or used with an elastic band around the strap, under which the tail of the strap can be placed.

So it is totally safe to use the FlexHorse boots with one-rivet attachment and enjoy a nice ride with your horse!