What comes with a package of Flex Hoof Boots?


When purchasing Flex Hoof Boots, the package comes with a TPU boot with ball rivets, screws and washer installed, as well as a neoprene gaiter that was previously installed in the boot.

We decided to send the boots to the customers without installing the neoprene gaiter to the boot. That way fitting the boot for the first time to your horse’s hoof and making sure the size is correct, will be much easier without having to worry about the neoprene gaiter getting dirty. If the TPU boot gets dirty, and you need to change the size, it is easy to clean the boot by wiping it with a damp cloth or water and a brush. Boots to be returned or replaced must be clean and as new.

Once you have decided that the boots are suitable, you can install the neoprene gaiter afterward. Please do not use the boots without a neoprene gaiter.

After you take the boots in use, boots should be washed with water and a brush/towel, do not use solvent-based soap. Let them dry in an airy place.

The basic settings for the gaiter are shown in the video

Some horses have thin legs and some have thicker legs, so sometimes you have to make some adjustments. Mainly if you have a very thin-legged horse. The series shows how you can shorten the neoprene gaiter if needed.

However, if the horse has a very thick leg, sometimes choosing a larger neoprene gaiter is also a good option (photo below).

Hope this article helped you!